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Leader in small to medium HP gas compression solutions

Kingsly Compression is one of the nation’s leading packagers
of small to medium horsepower natural gas compression products.

A family-owned company, Kingsly Compression has been an industry leader in natural gas compression solutions for more than 30 years.  We ship our American-made products nationwide as well as around the world.

Whether you choose new, used or rebuilt, Kingsly compressor packages are available to buy, lease or lease to buy.

Fuel Boosters Compressor by Kingsly Compression


Kingsly Compression products feature new, used & rebuilt reciprocating compressors & rotary screw compressors from manufacturers around the world.

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Panels by Kingsly Compression


Kingsly Compression offers both pre-built and complete custom panels to help monitor and manage your natural gas compression packages.

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Combusters / Flares by Kingsly Compression

Combustors / Flares

Kingsly Compression combustors and flares offer effective, efficient, and economical solutions for burning off vapors from natural gas drilling.

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Fabrication by Kingsly Compression


Kingsly Compression takes pride in the manufacturing and fabrication of gas compressor packages that meet the demands of the toughest applications.

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