Our History


We manufacture, rebuild, and recondition new and existing natural gas compressor packages to above present day industry standards.

With our customers as our top priority, we pay special attention to the detail, functionally, and safety of every package that leaves our shop. It is our goal to provide our customers with high quality packages at competitive prices by manufacturing many of our own components, employing highly qualified workers and technicians, and always stocking large quantities of materials and parts.


Dedication to our People

  • Ensure the commitment to safety for our employees through standard procedures
  • Promote a teamwork environment is the key to our success
  • Recognize our most valuable investment is our people

Commitment to Excellence

  • Provide leadership in quality and service to our customers
  • Target safety excellence at each level of our business
  • Position Kingsly as the industry’s leading compression equipment packager

Be Ethical

  • Always try to do the right thing for our employees, customers and community
  • Operate with the highest integrity and stand by our commitments

Let’s Get Started on Your Project

Jeffrey B. Sable started Kingsly Compression, Inc. in 1991 with the purchase of a used Ingersoll-Rand model KOA natural gas compressor which was packaged with a Caterpillar model G342NA industrial natural gas engine.

At that time, while working a daytime job, he had a potential customer with a gas gathering need and decided to take that first step towards his own business by using his life savings and taking out a second mortgage on his home.

The package, later nicknamed ‘Big Blue’, was located in a remote area of Eastern Kentucky and had not been in use for approximately ten years. However, the price was right and Sable had the experience, motivation, and mechanical ability to get this retired compressor up and running once again. He planned to have the package picked up by a winch truck at its remote location and hauled to a rented garage in Zanesville, OH. However, as many of us know, a well thought out plan always has something go wrong, and this time was no exception.

Upon arriving at the remote location, Sable had to overcome his first obstacle. The six-axle winch truck became stuck on the way up the mountain. With a little troubleshooting, and the assistance of a tow, they were able to free this utmost essential vehicle. However, his troubles were not over.

As they inspected the unit closely and began disassembling the off skid piping, Sable got an unpleasant surprise from a well-known reptile. Several Diamondback rattlesnakes began to emerge from the base of the unit. ‘I felt bad for the guys I had brought with me. One guy was kneeling close to the skid and a snake just appeared right next to him. I didn’t want them to think I had not told them as a joke.’ Sable explained. Fortunately, no one was bitten considering the time it would have taken to reach a hospital from that location. As they loaded the ten-year dormant Ingersoll-Rand package onto the trailer, several more Diamondbacks began to appear and were not happy about losing their long time steel home.

With the rattlesnake standoff behind him, Sable began the process of rebuilding the aged Ingersoll-Rand. Over just a few short months with assistance of a few extra hands, minimal tools, and the shear passion to get the job done for his customer, ‘Big Blue’ was brought back to life. Just in the knick of time too. Sable was running low on money, but more importantly, he had to start making money for his customer.

He delivered the package on time in July of 91, and had the unit piped in and ready to begin compressing natural gas in no time. Things were beginning to look good for Kingsly Compression. Sable was about to finish his first business deal on time and within budget. However, once the package was installed, it was learned that the safety shutdown panel would not communicate with the engines’ ignition system. This could be a devastating blow to Kingsly Compression’s future. Sable’s customer was understandably impatient and demanded the unit to be up and running immediately, or he would cancel the lease. This would be the end of Kingsly Compression because Sable had invested all of his savings into this project.

It was soon discovered that a single part was needed to fix the problem, but it would be almost a week before the part would arrive. The compressor was operational. The problem was it would not shutdown if any conditions exceed operational limits. Sable was faced with a decision. His options were to either cancel the lease, take his loses and say goodbye to Kingsly Compression, or he could remain onsite with the compressor for the entire time until the part arrived.

For Jeff Sable, this was a no-brainer. Several months before this situation, he had set out to start something, and he was not going give up on it so easily. Furthermore, he made a commitment to a customer and had no intentions of breaking it. Sleeping in his truck, waking several times an hour to make sure everything was still running at safe conditions, Sable stayed with the compressor package 24/7 until the $1500 part arrived. After installing the replacement part, the package was fully operational and his customer was satisfied. With ‘Big Blue’ moving gas and making money for his first customer, Sable was able to move forward with his new business.