Product Applications

Gas Gathering

Gas Gathering
Compressors are used in gas gathering applications for compressing natural gas produced from individual wells and other sources. The gas is stored or gathered through a network of pipelines and travels through a central pipeline to a designated location. The natural gas may be gathered from several different sources, such as a gas well, an associated gas and casing head gas, produced from an individual oil well, or gathered from other production facilities.

Pipeline Boosters

Kingsly Compression Pipeline Booster
As natural gas flows through a pipeline, it loses pressure due to friction against the inside of the pipe. The gas needs pressure to continue moving. Compressor booster stations located along the pipelines keep the pressure high enough to allow the gas to flow.

Vapor Recovery

Vapor recovery units are a method of recovering vapors from condensate in oil tanks as an alternative to flaring or venting the vapors out into the atmosphere.

Fuel Boosters

Fuel Booster
Fuel gas booster compressors are used primarily for turbine applications as well as natural gas engine test cells, or high pressure furnaces for manufacturing processes.

Gas Lifts

Gas Lift
Gas lift compressors pressure the formation and push the oil out of the ground and up the tubing and out of the well.