Kingsly Compression products feature new, used and rebuilt reciprocating compressors and rotary screw compressors from manufacturers around the world. All our natural gas compression solutions are available to buy, lease or lease to buy.


Reciprocating compressors are engineered exclusively for natural gas applications. These compressors are constructed of heavy-duty cast iron to ensure strength and durability. Features include an advanced-design pressure lubrication system, rebuildable connecting rods and low-lift valves. Optional gas unloaders also are available.


Rotary screw gas compressors are available in several models, covering a flow range of 20 to 15,000 MSCFD and horsepower from 10 to 800. This type of compressor is very cost-effective for handling high volumes of gas in gas gathering, vapor recovery and other applications. Because they have few moving parts, rotary screw compressors offer low maintenance and high reliability. There are no valves, rings or packing to wear out or cause loss of efficiency.

Smooth operation results from no unbalanced forces and no pressure pulsation. No foundation is required and there are no piping vibrations from pressure pulsation.

Both natural gas drives or electric drives can be used with rotary screw compressors.

Gas Gathering Compressor by Kingsly Compression

Gas Gathering

At Kingsly Compression, we design and build natural gas gathering systems that perform even in harshest conditions.

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Pipeline Booster by Kingsly Compression

Pipeline Boosters

Kingsly Compression builds pipeline boosters that move natural gas through difficult sections of pipeline, even across mountain ranges.

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Vapor Recovery by Kingsly Compression

Vapor Recovery

Vapor recovery units from Kingsly Compression can help reduce costs and increase revenue while decreasing dangerous pollutants up to 95%.

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Fuel Boosters Image 2 by Kingsly Compression

Fuel Boosters

Kingsly Compression offers a range of fuel boosters to augment compressors for gas engine test cells and high pressure furnaces in manufacturing.

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Gas Lifting Image by Kingsly Compression

Gas Lifts

Kingsly Compression builds high quality gas lifts that efficiently inject gas into production tubing to raise water or oil from a well.

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Flash Gas Compressor by Kingsly Compression

Flash Gas

Compressors are used in gas gathering applications for compressing natural gas produced…

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