Vapor Recovery by Kingsly Compression
Vapor Recovery by Kingsly Compression
Vapor Recovery by Kingsly Compression
Vapor Recovery by Kingsly Compression
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Decreases pollutants from gas compressors up to 95%

Vapor recovery units from Kingsly Compression can help reduce costs and increase revenue while decreasing dangerous pollutants up to 95%.

At Kingsly, we recommend vapor recovery units as a sound alternative to flaring or venting the vapors from gas compressors out into the atmosphere. The recovered vapors can be re-injected into oil wells, sent to users, or even used as fuel. For many of our customers, vapor recovery also demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection.

Typically, a vapor recovery unit includes a scrubber, reciprocating gas compressor, electric or gas drive, and switchgear. Common uses for vapor recovery units include petroleum tank farms, pipelines, and well sites where fugitive emissions are an issue.



Kingsly Compression vapor recovery is available new, used, or rebuilt and you can choose to buy, lease or lease to buy.


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