Product Applications / Gas Drives


If you need engines to have an impressive power range and impact on your customer’s business, you’ll want the Cat® family of engines in your corner. Caterpillar is setting new standards in emission control, fuel efficiency, and performance —without any sacrifice in durability or reliability. These engines provide greater flexibility by offering the ability to burn a wide variety of gaseous fuels. Along with unmatched performance and efficiency, your Cat gas engine comes with something equally valuable — the day-in, day-out support of the worldwide Caterpillar network. With more than 1,800 Cat dealer outlets, genuine parts and professional service are available around the clock and around the globe to ensure productivity and peace of mind for the life of your engine.


Over 50 years of experience and development goes into every Cummins natural gas engine. The result is superior uptime, durability and performance in compression, generator and pump drivers. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged natural gas engines with and without catalysts are available across a wide range of ratings.


Zenith Power Products LLC is located in Bristol, Virginia. ZPP is a pre-eminent supplier of industrial engines to the North American market. ZPP provides a wide range of quality engine packages designed specifically to address the demanding needs of the OEM industrial equipment market.

Zenith Power Products can supply equipment manufacturers with emission certified and compliant engines in a wide range of sizes and power.
All ZPP engines currently meet California Air Resources Board and EPA requirements. Zenith Power Products is the manufacturer of record for all engines currently offered.

Subaru Robin

As a division of of Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru Industrial Engines feature the latest technological advancements drawing from a wide breadth of expertise and experience. Advanced engineering, high technical expertise and state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing are all hallmarks of parent company Fuji Industries. Fuji proactively shares technology between divisions in order to stay on the cutting edge, lead competition and provide customers with outstanding products.