Services / Lease & Loan Terms

Lease & Loan

1. Kingsly will provide qualified service assistance for layout and startup of the Equipment within two (2) business days of the request by Customer for such services. Upon request by Customer, such qualified service personnel will supervise the initial start-up of the Equipment and provide training in the daily operation of the Equipment to the Customer’s field personnel for a one time period of up to Eight (8) hours (travel time is counted). Any additional time (more than 8 hours), or additional services shall be billed to Customer at Kingsly’s prevailing service rate.

2. Kingsly will supply all parts and labor required to properly maintain the compressor package and Kingsly will perform regular preventative maintenance, including monthly inspections (bi-monthly inspection of electric motor driven packages), periodic oil and oil filter replacement, grease all lubrication points and check V-belts. Kingsly will periodically check accessory systems, piping connections, compressor valves, rings, packing and engine compression. Engine valves will be adjusted and spark plugs and air filters will be changed as required. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Kingsly’s maintenance services will not include replacement of compressor valves or valve components damaged due to wet or unclean gas. The Customer will furnish all oil and antifreeze.

The responsibilities of the Customer are as follows:

1. The Customer is responsible for transportation to and from location, loading and unloading and installation of unit and related materials. The Customer shall check and carefully maintain all fluid levels, including lubricant and antifreeze, and dispose of used oil, oil filters and antifreeze at its own expense. Only oil recommended by Kingsly may be used in engine and compressor.

2. The Customer shall operate the machine in a safe manner and conduct daily visual checks, noting any unusual conditions, sounds, vibrations or pressure or temperature readings, and fill out Kingsly’s “Daily Log Sheet” forms, providing the same to Kingsly. Should the Customer observe any such unusual conditions, sounds, vibrations or pressure or temperature readings the Customer shall shut down the unit and notify the local Kingsly representative as soon as possible.

3. It is the Customer’s responsibility to make sure no debris or liquids enter the unit. The Customer is liable for repairs due to such entry and any misuse, negligence, vandalism and acts of God or any other cause, except for repairs performed by Kingsly (if part of the Lease).

4. The Customer shall be responsible for all repairs performed by Kingsly that are deemed to be a result of operational problems or otherwise defined as the Customer’s responsibility. The Customer will be billed at prevailing service rates and current parts prices. Responsibility for the cost of repairs will be determined reasonably by Kingsly.

5. Kingsly may inspect the unit at any time. If it is discovered that the unit is operating out of the unit’s design capabilities, unauthorized changes have been made to the unit, or lubricants other than those specified by Kingsly are being used, after a reasonable attempt to notify the Customer, Kingsly has the right to shut down and prevent further operation of the unit until conditions are returned to normal.

6. The Customer alone shall be responsible for securing any and all permits associated with the transportation, installation, removal and operation of the equipment, as well as ensuring that the transportation, installation, removal and operation of the equipment complies at all times with any and all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations, including without limitation, federal, state and local emissions requirements.

7. The Customer shall ensure safe road access to equipment.